The Hidden Benefits of Private Air Travel for Business Trips

Does this scenario sound familiar? You have a 6 a.m. commercial flight for a 10 a.m. client meeting. You wake up at 3:30, arrive at the airport at 4:30, park, wait, wait some more and then stand in line for coffee. You board. Additional waiting. You arrive at your meeting exhausted – followed by a bad night’s sleep in a hotel and another flight home the next day. Direct flights were scarce, so you’re stuck on a noon flight and trying to work in the airline’s executive lounge. Your flight is running late, so you’ll likely miss your daughter’s basketball game. Again.

If you or your team travel frequently for business meetings, factory visits, prospecting calls, customer collaborations or other corporate needs, you’ve likely wondered: is there a better way? For many business professionals, travel is essential. Video calls just don’t cut it, yet commercial air travel has become more expensive, less reliable and more frustrating. You’re flying on the commercial airline’s schedule – not your own – and that reduces your productivity as well as the productivity of your team. That’s why private jet charters have become more popular than ever with business teams of all sizes. If you’ve ever wondered if it makes sense to utilize private air travel for your next business trip, consider these benefits:

You Maximize Your Time

Saving time is often touted as a benefit with private air travel, but how much time will you be saving? Let’s look at our scenario and make the trip on a private plane. Instead of arriving at the airport at 4:30 for a 6 a.m. flight, you’re able to drive right up to your plane at 8 a.m., just 20 minutes before departure. Your one-hour flight includes breakfast and a table for working. Once you land, a car is waiting to take you to your meeting. You’re refreshed and have a great discussion with this key prospect. When the meeting ends at 4 p.m., the car service takes you back to the airport for your flight home. You have a snack on the plane and answer your emails – the prospect is ready to commit and loved your enthusiasm. Before you know it, you’re back in time for dinner with the family. Multiply these savings by all members of your team – and the benefits add up.

You Maximize Business Productivity

How many hours do you lose each trip waiting on a commercial airline, checking baggage, going through security, waiting for ground transportation or waiting for connections? How exhausting is the journey, and how productive are you once you arrive? With a private jet, you’ll be able to drive right up to the plane the day of departure. No waisted time or energy. With Griffing Flying Service, we fly into small airports in large cities. This adds convenience upon arrival, since ground transportation can be ready and waiting for you. When you add up the time you save – what else would you be doing with it? Does it mean an extra day in the office? More face time with your clients? More opportunities to close a sale instead of rushing out the door to catch a flight? Booking a private charter to critical client or prospecting meetings also means being more mentally prepared for important business conversations and decisions.

You Can Offset Certain Travel Expenses

Private jet travel also gives you the opportunity to cut down on certain travel expenses, such as hotel rooms and rental cars. These savings add up when you consider multiple team members and hotel stays. If you’ll be traveling with equipment, product samples or other proprietary or bulky items, you can avoid checking these or shipping them ahead of time. They’re safe and secure.

You Minimize Disruptions To Your Personal Schedule

Private air travel is built around your schedule and your needs. You won’t have to worry about missed connections since there are no connections. Griffing planes include de-icing equipment for flights in all weather conditions. We can serve as your concierge for your flight too – arranging for meals to be delivered to the plane prior to departure. The entire private flight experience is designed to be stress-free and easy – so you arrive at your destination ready to do business. You also arrive home relaxed and ready for family or personal time.

There’s More Time for Team Collaboration

When you’re flying with your team, the opportunities to get business done multiply. For example, Griffing offers planes that can accommodate up to eight passengers, with plenty of seating and tables to spread out and work. Your time in the air can be productive with planning and prep. Instead of wasting time, you’re maximizing it to strategize, ideate and move your business forward.

There Are Private Jets Available for All Types of Needs

How can you truly decide if a private plane charter is right for your business? Call your preferred private air charter provider and tell them your plans. They’ll give you a quote and talk through the entire flying process, including the planes available.

Here’s an example of Griffing Flying Service’s fleet, and a breakdown of the aircraft choices available for private business travel:

Griffing Planes

Citation II N440S

King Air N450S

King Air N803MT

King Air N110PM

Piper Saratoga N801MT

Capacity Range Consider it for:

7 passengers

2 pilots


1,200 miles

Any long-range trip, including the Western United States, the Caribbean and southern Florida


6-7 passengers

2 pilots


900-1,200 miles Moderate to long-range trips, including parts of Florida, North Carolina, New York and the Caribbean

6-7 passengers

2 pilots


900-1,200 miles

Moderate to long-range trips, including parts of Florida, North Carolina, New York and the Caribbean


6-7 passengers

2 pilots


900-1,200 miles

Moderate to long-range trips, including parts of Florida, North Carolina, New York and the Caribbean


4 passengers

1 pilot


100 miles Short business trips

Ready to learn more about booking a private flight for your next business trip?

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