The Essential Private Jet Charter Checklist

Are you considering booking a private jet for business or pleasure? Whether it’s your first trip or one of many – a little preparation goes a long way in getting the most out of all the amenities and benefits private air travel offers. Here’s our ultimate checklist to help you maximize your time and fully enjoy this stress-free way to fly.

1.  What’s your schedule?

When you first call us to book your flight or get a quote, we’ll just need to know where you’re going, what time you want to arrive and when you want to return. A major benefit of private air travel is that we fly on your timetable. Our planes can accommodate direct trips as far away as the Western United States and the Caribbean. Plus, there’s no baggage check, security lines or offsite parking to worry about. This streamlined process means we can plan a departure time that works for you. For example, if you need to be in Atlanta at 10 a.m., your plane will take off from northeast Ohio around 8:15 a.m. and you’ll arrive at 9:45am. Just walk off the plane, and ground transportation can be waiting for you.

NOTE: Most charter flights are booked a couple weeks in advance. However, based on plane and crew availability, it is not unusual to book trips for even the next day.

2. How many people will you be bringing?

The Griffing fleet can accommodate both individual travelers and teams as large as seven. Depending on your destination and the number of passengers, we will determine which of our aircraft makes the most sense for your needs.

Once your flight is booked, we’ll assign you a flight concierge – a personal assistant who will make all the arrangements, keep you posted on your flight itinerary, and answer any questions you might have. They can also secure meal service and ground transportation, if needed. When working with your concierge, let them know.

3. Are there are any foods, beverages or snacks we can provide?

If you’re in need of a meal (or two) on your flight, your concierge can arrange for gourmet catering or boxed meals. They can make sure your favorite coffee or beverage is on board. They can also have these items available to you when you arrive at your destination or for your return flight. Just ask.

4. What type of ground transportation will you need?

Once you land, we can have a car service or rental waiting for you. Just let us know your needs and your preferences. Since we fly into smaller, regional airports you’ll find getting to and from the plane to your transportation is quick and easy.   

Your concierge can also answer any questions you might have about your plane and your journey, including:

5. How much luggage can you bring?

No designated limitations, whatever the aircraft can fit, typically two large suitcases and a backpack for each of four passengers is the most.

6. How many crew members will be on the plane?

Private jet charters are subject to rigorous safety standards and are operated by experienced pilots and crew. All of our planes, except our short-range Piper Saratoga, utilize a 2-crew system. This enhances passenger safety and overall service.

7. What other amenities are available on the plane?

Our planes include comfortable club seating with fully reclining plush leather chairs, plenty of legroom and convenient worktables. Our long and mid-range planes also include a lavatory.

Amenities available per plane:

Ready to get started?

With over 80 years’ experience, Griffing Flying Service has accumulated more than 100,000 flight hours of safe operation. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, working with our team can make your private air journey one of the best parts of your trip. Contact us for your quote.