Considering a Private Charter for Your Next Vacation? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airline, you know that trouble-free flights can still come with headaches. Even if you’re flying First Class, there’s the early arrival at the airport…waiting…baggage check limitations…waiting to board (or for everyone else to board).

Then, factor in the issues that sometimes pop up: full parking lots at the airport, security lines, schedule delays and cancelled flights, to name a few.

The stress that accompanies commercial air travel can turn any vacation into a struggle, bookending great memories with frustrations. That’s why many people have turned to private charter flights for their vacations. Once considered a luxury reserved for business executives, private jet charters have grown in popularity for vacation travel. And for good reason: the time saved versus flying on a commercial airline’s schedule can help offset the cost of a private plane charter.

Whether you’re considering a golfing trip with friends or a Florida getaway with your family – what should you consider before looking into a private charter? When customers first reach out to Griffing Flying Service, here’s how we help them evaluate their options:

How far are you going?

Not all private planes offer the same range. If you’re flying from Ohio to Florida, you’ll need a plane that is large enough to cover 1,200 miles. Going to the Caribbean? No worries. This typically means more passenger space as well as the need for a larger crew (two pilots instead of one). Some people wonder if the cost of a three-hour private flight is worth it, yet most of Griffing Flying Service’s private flights for vacation travel are around this length. Plus, imagine flying to Jamaica or Nassau and getting your own personalized customs agent to check you in upon arrival.

How many passengers will make the trip?

Within the Griffing fleet, we offer planes that can accommodate up to eight passengers, with most planes accommodating six. In many cases, the more passengers a plane can handle, the longer the distance it can travel. However, don’t feel you need a full plane to make charter travel “worth it:” many of Griffing’s private flights are for two to three passengers.

Extenuating circumstances

There are many reasons – in addition to convenience –that sway people towards private jet travel for their vacation. No one wants to arrive for their vacation with a virus they caught on the plane — and a private plane can mean avoiding the “germ tube” that exists in today’s commercial world. Disabled, immunocompromised or older adults might find the comfort of a private plane reignites their ability to travel and enjoy life. If you are traveling with children, it can equate to more family time, since many private planes have small tables for eating or playing a game. The ability to fly with just the people in your inner circle can also help put anxious kids or adults at ease. It makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

How much gear will you be bringing?

Are you taking the family to Disney, or do you want to do a golf trip with your friends? Both can come with a lot of gear – strollers, bags, groceries for the hotel, golf clubs and more – and these items can add to travel aggravation and costs. For example, shipping golf clubs can cost several hundred dollars on top of commercial airfare. Imagine taking that trip on a private jet instead. You can have breakfast on the plane, get car service to the course and bring your clubs without worrying about damage or extra fees. Not only is the experience more relaxing and enjoyable – the cost is more affordable than you might think.

How long do you plan to stay?

Booking a charter flight will mean scheduling ahead of time, so that crews and planes are ready when you are. Before calling for a charter flight, have a rough schedule in mind, so that you can get accurate costs for the timeframe you’re considering. Of course, many people look at the cost of an airline ticket versus the cost to charter a plane as the only expense when it comes to private travel, but there’s often more to the cost/value equation. Consider how much time you lose on commercial travel – and what other activities you’d do with it. When you fly on a private charter, you can utilize your vacation time to its fullest. Direct commercial flights are hard to find, and you’re flying on the commercial airline’s schedule. Adjusting your vacation to meet the airline’s schedule costs you time and additional expenses with rental cars, hotels, food, plus the stress and anxiety of flying in the commercial world.

The Process for Booking a Private Plane

How can you truly decide if a private plane charter is right for your next vacation? The process to book – and take advantage of the service – is also easy. Call your preferred private air charter provider and tell them your plans. They’ll give you a quote and talk through the entire flying process.

Here are a few additional things we like to tell our customers to consider:

  • When flying with Griffing, you’ll likely be able to drive right up to the plane the day of departure. No waiting.
  • We fly into small airports in large cities, adding convenience on arrival, since ground transportation can be ready and waiting for you.
  • If you’re flying to the Caribbean, we offer a “Customs Concierge” at many of our destinations. This dedicated ground support facility handles all customs’ paperwork and scheduling to streamline the entire process.
  • We can serve as your concierge for your flight as well – arranging for meals to be delivered to the plane prior to departure.
  • Our planes come with club seating and a private lavatory. Our largest plane even includes a couch – so plan on a relaxing and a comfortable experience!

Ready to learn more about booking a private flight for your next vacation?

Give Griffing Flying Service a call. Our private, worry-free charters fly direct to over 4,000 destinations across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. With six planes in our fleet, we have a solution for just about any need. Contact us for your private charter quote.